hi im grey and one time i oppressed the homestuck fandom. nowadays i oppress cishets.

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the  worst thing about future!minerva tho was the near annihilation of the dragonflights at the hands of the legion. if i recalled eventually the dragonflights are wiped out. only two survived (minatu and valiatu)

future!Minerva was so cool. how i twisted things into suiting the time period. like, for example the pirian riders. in medieval minerva they’re a bunch of dwarfs who ride red dragons. in future minerva they’re a dwarven bike gang B)


this is as far as i’m doing it

thats why im super excited about a futuristic rp

i just love futuristic things, so You see,

Magical future thigns sustain me


i dont know the whole Legion thing was cool. a nigh-unstoppable army commandeered by incredibly powerful androids, secretly ran by a secret organisation and if i remember the legion had very impressive technology as well.

and futuristic!Minerva still managed to keep in fantasy-like elements. if i remember the legion uncover the sleeping grounds of a god and tried to have him killed to show their “power”.

ngl the idea i had for futuristic!Minerva was so cool. the legion was so cool. the androids were cool. i’d put a lot of thought into this and it may never see the light but… it was so cool. i love sci-fi and futuristic stuff a lot.